Below is information on how to register to vote, key dates in the Midterm Election cycle, a short list of Pro-Choice candidates we support, as well as a link to the Pro-Choice candidates who will be on your ballot Election Day.

Tuesday, NOVEMBER 6, 2018


Linda Coleman
For North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives                  

“I will continue the fight to guarantee a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.”

- Linda Coleman (source:

She has been endorsed by:

  • Emily’s List

The following North Carolina state and local candidates were also endorsed by Emily’s List:

  • Jean Sivoli, NC-SD12

  • Helen Probst Mills, NC-SD25

  • Jen Mangrum, NC-SD30

  • Natasha Marcus, NC-SD41

  • Bobbie Richardson, NC-HD07

  • Allison Dahle, NC-HD11

  • Marcia Morgan, NC-HD19

  • Leslie Cohen, NC-HD20

  • Jean Farmer-Butterfield, NC-HD24

  • Julie von Haefen, NC-HD36

  • Sydney Batch, NC-HD37

  • Cynthia Ball, NC-HD49

  • Lisa Mathis, NC-HD51

  • Ashton Clemmons, NC-HD57

  • Martha Shafer, NC-HD62

  • Erica McAdoo, NC-HD63

  • Terri LeGrand, NC-HD74

  • Aimy Steele, NC-HD82

  • Christy Clark, NC-HD98

  • Carolyn Logan, NC-HD101

  • Rachel Hunt, NC-HD103

  • Rhonda Cole Schandevel, NC-HD118

  • Satana Deberry, Durham County District Attorney

  • Vi Lyles, Charlotte Mayor

North Carolina’s mostly Republican legislators have repeatedly and overwhelmingly voted against women’s reproductive rights. It’s time to vote for change. Get the #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guide and gain access to all of the progressive, pro-choice champions on the ballot in your zip code.

The #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guide includes every race on the ballot highlighting #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed prochoice champion candidates (those that have been carefully vetted by #VOTEPROCHOICE ). The guide also aggregates endorsements from their partner organizations with an emphasis on reproductive rights and reproductive justice — including NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY’s List, Run for Something, Blue America, The Collective PAC, Democracy for America, MoveOn and more. They’ve also included anti-choice organizations like Right To Life and NRA endorsements to provide critical transparency of the candidates’ positions.