Date(s) Location Theater
Sept. 19 — One Night Only! Hartford, CT Real Art Ways
Sept. 20 — One Night Only! York, PA Star Art House
Sept. 22-28 Silver Spring, MD AFI Silver
Sept. 26 — One Night Only! Huntington, NY Cinema Arts Centre
Sept. 27 — One Night Only! Denver, CO Landmark Esquire
Oct. 5 — One Night Only! St. Louis, MO Landmark Tivoli
Oct. 10 — One Night Only! Berkeley, CA Rialto Cinemas Elmwood
Oct. 10 & 11 San Francisco, CA Landmark Opera Plaza
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Fort Collins, CO Lyric Cinema
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Jackson, MI Jackson 10
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Saginaw, MI Quality 10
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Ann Arbor, MI Quality 16
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo 10
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! West Lafayette, IN Wabash Landing 9
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Noblesville, IN Hamilton 16
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Portage, IN Portage 16
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Oswego, IL Kendall 11
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Champaign, IL Savoy 16
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Peoria, IL Willow Knolls 14
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Batavia, IL Randall 15
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Columbia, MO Forum 8
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Gibsonton, FL Riverview 14
Oct. 17 — One Night Only! Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre
Oct. 20-26 Phoenix, AZ Harkins Shea
Oct. 25 & 26 Chapel Hill, NC The Chelsea Theater
Oct. 30 — One Night Only! Detroit, MI Landmark Main Art
Nov. 1 — One Night Only! Stamford, CT Avon Theatre
Nov. 1 — One Night Only! Atlanta, GA Landmark Midtown Art
Nov. 2 — One Night Only! Philadelphia, PA Landmark Ritz Five
Nov. 5 — One Night Only! Teaneck, NJ Teaneck Film Festival
Nov. 11 — One Night Only! Olympia, WA Capitol Film Society


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BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY is a feature length documentary that examines how women are being jailed, physically violated and even put at risk of dying as a radical movement tightens its grip across America.

The film tells the story of women who have become collateral damage in the aggressive campaign to take control of reproductive health care and to allow states, courts and religious doctrine to govern whether, when and how women will bear children.

The documentary explores the accelerating gains of the crusade to control pregnant women and the fallout that is creating a public health crisis, turning pregnant women into criminals and challenging the constitutional protections of every woman in America.

This is the real-life “Handmaid’s Tale.”




Michelle DiMartino at Falco Ink:


Cindy Banach at Abramorama:


Please contact birthrightfilm[at]


Kristen Fitzpatrick at Women Make Movies: