Contraception Deserts

Women Are Rapidly Losing Access to Birth Control

More than 20 million women need public assistance to pay for their chosen methods of birth control. Yet, these women live in contraception deserts - geographic areas where women don’t have reasonable access to the contraceptives they need.

Since the 2010 introduction of the Affordable Care Act and its requirement that employers’ health insurance plans provide full birth control coverage, the religious right has been working in over-drive to limit women’s access. Republican lawmakers have been doing their bidding.

They’ve muddied the waters by deliberately combining the issues of abortion and contraception. And following the lead of the Republican-led Congress, states have targeted Planned Parenthood for new restrictions on family planning funding.

The result? More than 3 million women live in counties without a single public clinic that offers a full range of contraception. Not one clinic. And things are about to get even worse.


More than 4 million women rely on Title X, the only federally-funded program designated to meet the reproductive health care and family planning needs of uninsured, low-income women. But Trump’s proposed Gag Rule will create more contraception deserts by cutting federal funding to Title X clinics if they discuss, perform or refer patients for abortions. Further, the rule will redirect federal money to fraudulent, faith-based anti-abortion counseling centers that deceive women into thinking they offer total reproductive medical care.

Trump has already rolled back the Obama-era requirement that employers provide contraception coverage. If we don’t stop this now, it can only end one way: with countless unplanned pregnancies, lost opportunities and millions of women living in poverty.

Use your power on Election Day!

#VOTEPROCHOICE and elect Democratic lawmakers on every level who will increase women’s access to a full range of reproductive care.

And, now that you’ve informed yourself about this very important issue, download our Contraception Deserts infographic and share it across social media to educate your friends.