Women across the U.S. are under siege. Every day, their ability to make their own decisions about their bodies, health, reproduction, sexuality and childbirth is under attack.

Political, religious, and corporate factions—and especially legislators—in this country are waging a war on women’s health. And, they are not just battling over abortion. They are fighting about a woman’s basic human right to maintain sovereignty over her body and make her own medical decisions.

We exposed this ugly war, along with the decades-long strategy behind it, and revealed its devastating collateral damage in Birthright: A War Story (BAWS). Following the film’s successful, nation-wide theatrical release, we launched the Birthright: A War Story Impact Campaign and are using the film as a catalyst to inform, inspire and motivate the civic, electoral and political actions necessary to stop the intrusions of governmentcorporations—and even religious doctrine—into women’s health care. With the 2018 mid-term elections upon us, the time to fight back is now.

So, consider us a resource for the information you will need to fight for reproductive and birth justice in big ways and small and vote for the candidates who support women’s rights. In the coming weeks, this site will have the tools and information you will need to vote this year for the candidates who will protect women’s basic human rights.

Watch the film and join the fight. Together, we can defend women’s fundamental freedoms.

- Civia Tamarkin, Director Birthright: A War Story